Ebay buyer opens case 3.5 months later saying not received….

I’ve tried looking it up but the problem is that the results are mostly from 2014 and since ebay
has changed their policies so many times, what answers were given in 2014 or 15 may be
completely false today. I don’t know why google still shows older posts at the top instead of
newer ones from 2016 or 17?

Anyways, to my question. A buyer opens a case up claiming unreceived. The sale date was back in
mid April. We are now in August. I’m a little surprised that the buyer didn’t contact me…

Ebay buyer opens case 3.5 months later saying not received….


Member Bigbuddy’s Ifttt seo service?

Can someone explain me the concept of that IFTTT please?

I know that it ain’t the holy grail of seo, and it’s not “the guy” who does the heavy lifting, however, having an automated tool to generate links for diversity/anchor dilution/foundation, seems like a good idea to me.

Blog Post vs. Page Post ?

I post all my articles on Wordpress as blog posts. It’s when you go to “Posts” section in the admin panel.

However, I’ve read a couple guides (one of which was on silo structure) and there was recommended to publish all the posts as a separate page.

What is better for ranking?

P.S. I am speaking about MNS websites. I almost never update them. Maybe once per few months. They are ranking in top10, but still the positions could be better.

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Verify Siteground

I wanted to set up an account today at Siteground. With Anon credit card. In the end I should verify by Camera chat. Can this be avoided?


Hello, my name is Armend, im 16 and just getting started in this blackhat world forum.
Hope it’ll be great here with you guys.

Found alot of accounts that I bought last year on my pc.

Hi guys. So I found prob 100+ accounts that I bought last summer and are now aged 1+ year but they only have profile pictures and no posts and are not PVA. I think selling them will be a bad move as I want to buy accounts atm (though usally buy with posts etc). If I started using them I guess I would need to PV them. What you guys recommend? I heard smspva gets your accounts banned? I know sim cards are the best but don’t really know what kind to get and how to set it up. Thanks

Hi Everyone! I am Geoge

Hi Members!

I am very excited to become a part of this knowledgeable community. Looking forward to interacting with new and seasoned members