ads are getting disabled

hey guys, so the last couple of months everything worked out well and i made tons of sales but suddenly facebook decided to take everything down.

i got in touch with them and got my account back but now for some reason most of my ads are getting disabled and i cant seem to find out why.

is there a way to know for what reason my ad wasn’t accepted?
because the emails that i get contain 0 info about why my ads are getting disabled
they are just linking me to the guidelines…


ads are getting disabled

PVA gmail accounts question

If I buy 100 gmail accounts will they still be usable in 6 months. that is how long it will take me (probably longer) to use them all.
I will be using them to create accounts in AFM (AutoFill Magic).

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Domain Name Estimate

I bought cryptotradingnews(dot)com about a year ago and was thinking of trying to flip it if it was potentially worth something as a domain name or start building it as a website since cryptocurrencies have been surging lately.
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Notice of DMCA removal from G (Need Guidance)

So I just checked one of my website that is already ranking good on G this morning and I was surprised that all the keywords is nowhere in Google. So I did a on G then my home page got removed due to DMCA. Also checked my mail and saw this.


So even if you have a DCMA ignored host but if the owner of the copyright material filed a DMCA removal on G you’re a still fcked.

So my question is can I redirect this to a new domain and…

Notice of DMCA removal from G (Need Guidance)