I wanted to start freelancing.

I got many experience in designing things, like making logo and doing lettering. But my problem here is I’m living in a country which is not appreciate art and design. So what I think about is to build my portfolio and start doing freelance graphic design. I’ve tried freelancing before but with a very small payment from local clients. I know it will take some time to get some clients with big payment, but i can wait for it cause I’m still in high school. So i wish i could build my portfolio…

I wanted to start freelancing.

Who Is The Main SMM Panel Services Provider?

I just want to know the answer for my question in the tittle.

“Who Is The Main SMM Panel Services Provider?”

Can anyone share it to me?

From which provider they use their API for SMM services in Marketplace section? Or every people in the marketplace have they own server / followers, so that they can inject by themselves? I’m a reseller but I can’t find the real provider who can give me lowest & quality services. I can get the lowest price for instagram followers for $0.95 and they…

Who Is The Main SMM Panel Services Provider?

Make this forum easier to network

Everyone of us is probably doing many different ventures and things. This forum looks great for connecting people that can supplement each other and work/hire, joint venture. But I see right now that there are so many restrictions on this forum.

This …


Most of my audience is US based but I’m not a US citizen nor I’m living in US.
Should I care about US regulations?

Send SMS in bulk

I’m looking to send an SMS to a couple of 100K numbers, does anyone know of any blackhat/whitehat method to do so?

What to do with my 100k page

Hi guys. Basically, my IG page has grown to 110k followers but recently i have been fairly inactive. An average post gets between 1k-2k likes.

I was thinking, how easy would it be to re-brand the page to the minimalist jewellery niche and have a shopi…

Did FB Ghost my marketplace account?

Awhile back I had listed some items, and facebook removed them, so I went back, and put a similar, but different item, and now for weeks, I get no views on any of my items.

I logged into my personal account, and listed a phone, and it has no views.


Can a website rank without links?

Is it really possible? Someone said “Yes, it can. If you’ve got your site set up in webmasters with a sitemap, Google will crawl your site. You don’t need links from other sites to rank. It just helps. A lot.”