Youtube CPA Idea


I just started this yesterday, and I’ve built, what to me, a complete novice at least, seems like a good YouTube CPA.

It’s for a highly watched game, I combined 3 or 4 different videos to create mine so it’s completely different and YouTube don’t flag it as a copy, the Content Locker I created using a template looks fairly half decent.

I was just wondering if anybody experienced could give me a couple of pointers incase I’m making any glaring errors that may be obvious to the…

Youtube CPA Idea

New Bidder deserved to get a chance


New Bidder, It’s the best tracking solution out there, and it’s what I personally use on my campaigns.. i think the best advantage of it as tracker has many popular traffic source, it bring you much more convenience to analysis data and mange your campaign from your traffic source in one panel., which synchronize all the real cost of different parameters such as website id, country post back from the 3rd Traffic source like popads,…

New Bidder deserved to get a chance

Create High Quality Free Backlinks Method Explained

Anyone who pays attention to SEO techniques knows that getting high quality, “do follow,” and diverse backlinks is the key to search engine optimization. The challenge, of course, is where to find places to get powerful backlinks.

Most people build their link building strategies around blog and forum postings. This makes sense and is certainly part of our plans as well. However, it stands to reason that Google also knows that most marketers who are using SEO tactics to rank their sites are…

Create High Quality Free Backlinks Method Explained

In regards to buying accounts

What precautions should one look for when buying accounts? The seller is doing “paypal – goods and services” so i feel secure about it. What are some cautions to look for in regards to the accounts security and the possibibility of me losing ownership of the page?

200 proxies, cannot use manually?

Yo guys,

I’m stuck and really tired because I made an all-nighter, can somebody maybe explain me something?

I’ll explain my situation first: I got 58 IG accounts at the moment already running for a year. The proxies I’m using for those are from, I never had problems with them but it’s expensive. I pay $50 a month.

Yesterday I bought 200 extra accounts to expand a little bit, I also bought 250 proxies from
The next step I always do is log-in on every account…

200 proxies, cannot use manually?

I need some advice on my gaming website

I have a gaming website. I am currently making a couple bucks a day. On Thursday I made $10 and on Friday I made $6. With AdSense. My audience is mostly kids, playing at school, slacking off not doing their work at the computer lab. I get a couple hundred visitors a day. The niche is very saturated and competition is very tough. Though, I am lucky enough to have built a nice recognizable brand that 40% of my users are returning users.

Though, I’ve reached a barrier. I want to bring in more…

I need some advice on my gaming website

$1000 + $100 monthly for an iOS/Android online game hack

I’m looking for someone to make an exclusive hack for an iOS/Android online fully server sided game, I will pay $1000 dollars only after the hack is done and I see video and other types of proofs that I will ask for to confirm the hack is working, I will also pay $100 dollars as a monthly payment at the end of each month as long as the hack is working and exclusive for me.

You can trust that I will pay for a working hack cause I will get nothing if I didn’t pay.

PM me if interested and…

$1000 + $100 monthly for an iOS/Android online game hack

PBN Domain: Fake Whois Question

If you want to register some of your PBN’s with fake whois data, is there any chance that the registrar will ask for verification or something like that?

For using fake whois, which domain registrar are good to go?

I use Namesilo, Namecheap,, and Godaddy (auction domains).

Free or Cheap way to Schedule Instagram Post

Hi Everyone !

I want to schedule my Instagram posts for 30 IG accounts.

I checked Onlypult or Hootsuit as paid service.
But do you think there is a free or cheap way of doing that ? A mix of Wordpress and IFTTT for example ?

The point is to schedule…