Best and cheapest way to find CF/TF 35-40 domains?

I want to build a PBN and I need really good quality sites. CF/TF 35 minimum.
I saw a few offers online but people are asking several thoudsands for really good domains.

I checked expired domains auctions a few times and such good domains are never be…

Instagram Bot (like/follow/unfollow)

I’m looking for a safe and free bot for Instagram for auto likes, follows and unfollows.
I have been searching for quite a bit but all the ones I found like Instagress, Massplanner, etc don’t work anymore. Please help, will be much appreciated.
Thank you, much obliged.

Bot that crawls multiple websites and platforms

Best of the best “botter” wanted! I’m looking for a bot developer that can develop a bot that crawls multiple websites in 29 languages (Language keywords will be provided by me). AI integration would be a big plus. I fully understand that this will take many months/years to develop. Budget will be discussed after we discuss if my very ambitious plan is technically possible. I’m not a developer but this could be a very high ticket concept. NDA will have to be signed before discussing details.

Strange SILO problem…

I use a 3 level silo structure for my website:

L1 = homepage
L2 = keyword page
L3 = supporting keyword pages

I used to rank top 5 on most of my keywords with L2 pages.

I’m seeing the following on some L2 keywords… rankins are slowly dropping to top 20 and than suddenly to page 5 of Google… when this happens I don’t rank with L2 pages anymore but with a L3 supporting keyword page.

WTF is going on here Google? :)

IG journey towards 100k followers

Hey fellas, I opened this thread in order to keep my self motivated through my journey.
My first aim is to reach 100k followers.
I have two accounts and now have 2k followers, I intend to update my stats 2 – 3 times a week, please chip in if you have a…

Reupload bot


I’m looking for a bot that automatically reupload video from another channel, (keeping title, description and tag would be perfect).

I’ve around 15/20 channels, each one looking at 10/20 anothers channels to reupload their content.

Any idea of a tool (it’s ok to pay for it).

I checked Mass Video Blaster Pro but it seems it doens’t manage download, only upload.
I’ve also 4K Video Downloader which is perfect for my use, but it only download from choosen channel, no reupload, I’ve to do…

Reupload bot