Any local Sweden IM’s here?

Hey, everyone!
We are an e-commerce project (coupon aggregator) entering the Swedish market?
Although a lot of work is done on technical and content aspects of our sites – we have some difficulties with off-site optimization.

So, I would like to reach…

Your Favorite BTC Trading Platform?

I’m looking to buy some BTCs but I can’t seem to find a good platform. Any good place where I can get BTC from actual currency and payment processors?

As I’m in Pakistan. Bank deposit is not an option.

40 days, 300 web 2.0 and 0 effects

Hi, i have some problem with my 2 websites . I created 2 websites 40 days ago.

I maked 300 web 2.0 for each website. Build tier 2 for them. Links are indexed , and my website are not even top 100 :/ Sites are indexed and they are in GWT. Its first time when i see something like this. Websites have about 90 points in google pagespeed and gtmerix.

I don’t know what to do. If someone have some ideas please share :)

Thanks for the answers.

My cpa(content locking) website Journey.

Hello my name is Brandon, I bought a keyword from Basstrackerboats Website for 15$. Upon further research I found other niche related keywords that I decided to go and start a website around. (The actual keyword I did buy from Basstrackerboats. I just started last week but I’m not writing about that at this time.)

I bought an expired domain that I found with scrape box expired domain finder. My website has 8 articles ranging from 1000-2500 words each. I bought the domain in April, but I…

My cpa(content locking) website Journey.

Good soruces for knowledge?

I’m looking for some good sources to learn from the business.
That includes (but not limited to…) books, courses, websites, youtube gurus etc.

Would love to hear what you recommend.

Articles for PBN?

What is the best way to get articles? I’ve got a ton of PBN’s I’d like to create and I’ve got some decent domains but what’s the best way to create articles? Should I spin them? Buy them? I really don’t feel like writing 20+ quality articles is there a good way to have massive amounts of articles made? If so what do you guys use?

Building Links After 301 Redirect?

I have a website that is about 9 months old with 65 post. I haven’t build any links to it, just letting it age. A few days ago, i found an expired domain that used to be a news site with great links coming from other huge news site. At first, i’m going to add this site for my PBN but since this site used to be a legit news site, so now i’m thinking to move my site to this domain.

So here’s my question, i recently build links to the old site, not much, just a couple. After 301 redirect to…

Building Links After 301 Redirect?

We need someone to share this trick

Hi guys, anyone here can share with us, what’s on facebook this days.
A lot of people posting picture they say in : comment your name like this ddddd . com / yourname
when they comment this form they got a random og:title og:description og:image

I checked multiple times, their source code, and there’s facebook pixel code and og tags.

Any one here can tell us how they do that. i really need it.