Shortcode in Widget

Hi guys.

I want to set Content Locker plugin in my widget since I have a most important thing in there. But sadly the plugin just allows the Shortcode to call it and we know default wp doesnt support shortcode in theme or in html form.

The shortcode uses opening and closing form like [locker id=”123″]most important thing[/locker].
I have searched in google but many results give a guide for opening form only. I also get one answer about opening and closing form but it didnt explain about…

Shortcode in Widget

increase blog reach using fb

sorry in advance if wrong forum

yday night I created fb profile,have 700 followers till now

whats best way to market my blog

1) putting links OR meme or what else?
2) should I accept frnd request or keep them as followers

Ez Video Ranks – Web Based Video Keyword Tracker – No Manual Keyword Entry Needed


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Ez Video Ranks – Web Based Video Keyword Tracker – No Manual Keyword Entry Needed

My Journey to $20/day with AdSense Websites

Hello everyone. I’ve been a member of this forum for quite a long time now, but I never was actually involved in making money online. I was just reading, reading, reading…

Now I decided it is time to start my own journey. I recently got a full-time job, so now I have decent money to invest into my IM ideas and websites on a consistent basis. So let me show you my strategy for this journey.

1. Concept

I want to start building my AdSense Empire with 3 simple, but…

My Journey to $20/day with AdSense Websites deindexation ?

Well i opened blog few weeks ago, using blogger
i was able to find it using
now i can’t ? did google de-indexed it ? it had no content well, no shitty backlinks or something like that

hi guys and girls :)

Hi people :)
excited to be registered as a member and hoping to move into this area full time as my current work has all but dried up…
im using my last £100 to hopefully get some recurring income :)
any advise would be greatly appreciated!
all the best