My Automated Rasberry PI Instagram journey

Hello all, long time lurker checking in.

I have read about methods on this site for a long time but upon recently graduating college and having some time on my hands, I finally decided to put them to use.

Yesterday I created 5 IG accounts and a high converting landing page that leads to OGads offers hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS (5/month plan) with a free .tk domain. My accounts are following/liking/and posting images with 1000’s of potential random captions based on an instagram-API…

My Automated Rasberry PI Instagram journey

Help, my xmlrpc redirects to another site

Hello guys.. please I need your help. My xmlrpc redirects to another site. I used sucuri security plugin to scan my site and It showed that I have a blacklisted javascript. Please how can I detect this javascript and remove it.. It’s making my Jetpack not to b connected

Affiliate Marketing Tools for complete begginers?

Hi all,

i’m new to this world and have read how to do an affiliate marketing the right way,
basically from my understanding is:
1- choose a niche / product to promote
2- build a landing page with free product around the product / niche
3- autoresponder to build an email list
4- schedule the email that need to be sent to the potential “client”.

my question is: for a complete newcomer to this world, what tool do you recommend for building landing page and autoresponder and email schedule ?…

Affiliate Marketing Tools for complete begginers?

Getting sick of BHW


I don’t know what’s wrong but it’s the second time when I opened a post I can’t comment on my own posts. I just asked if I can share a method so I didn’t shared the method. Getting sick of it. I ever posted about a person who can make a website for me. Others can comment on my post but I can’t. Wanted to share an easy method to thank BHW but is this what I get?

(sorry for my bad english)
Check here:


I’m Ouail from Morocco, 20 y.o. So Gladto join the biggest IM community in the World.
Thank you guys for accepting me

What happened to “Shoot 5 ducks and win an iphone” type ads?

I feel like around early 2010s I saw these browser ads alot. They were usually a form of interactive advertisement or mini game. Shoot the target, click fast to out race the police, etc etc. Then as soon as you click you’d get taken to a CPA thing

But, now i can’t remember the last time i saw one

Does anyone still see these around? or know what happened to them