How to register domain with fake phone number?

Hi mates,

I would like to purchase couple of domains from an indian registrar but cam method. But i dont want to give my own phone number and also i dont want to give any random phone number, which may be of someone else.

Any idea, how to give a non-…

Has anyone used Bimber?

I thinking to start a content website and I’m cosidering to use Bimber for it.

Has anyone used it before ? Is it fast? SEO friendly ?

Any feedback about this theme is greatly appreciated.

Are these botters? or me being naive

Hello BHW,

I’m researching into how Instagram works and this forum has been a great help for me and would like to thank this site before my question.

I have come across 2 public figures from my country and I’m almost certain that their agency (or them) is running a bot for them to rise in fame those dips show massive unfollow/follow in one day and although I don’t want to call these people out (they might not know whats going on either) I’m just shocked if they are people abusing the…

Are these botters? or me being naive

owner or top mod for help warnings please

dear manger owner or mods that deal with accounts and the rules.

I woke today to see I have 6 warnings for selling outside the forum and braking rules.

I have never in my life wanted to sell outside the forum and brake any rules .

I only post about …

Weaker competitor domain has somehow had featured snippet google spot for a month. Any insights?

So…the owner of this site has outranking me for the featured google snippet slot with a SIGNIFICANTLY weaker backlink profile.

I’m curious as to how they’re managing it, or rather, if anyone here knows what additional factors might go into the Rich Snippets. Our rankings have fluctuated between each other for the top 3 slots, but the competing domain has been glued on top for the feature for about a month.

Any insights would be appreciated


Their 3rd party prefix…

Weaker competitor domain has somehow had featured snippet google spot for a month. Any insights?

Can’t follow more than 30 people at a time

Hey, long time no see. That’s the case with my personal IG account, I’ve gathered over 22k followers in 3 months and after that I switched to another projects. Now I can’t follow more than 30 people, for example before I was following 100 people every hour (yeah, was doing it manually). Is it ’cause I haven’t been active with my acc and now it is treated like any other spam acc?
Would be happy to read some problem solving suggestions or at least some alternatives. Thanks in advance to…

Can’t follow more than 30 people at a time

SEO For an eCommerce Site

I have an online clothing ecommerce store through shopify. Was wondering the best type of SEO for my website? The keyword research is a bit hard since its very competitive.

What the best way to go – Social bookmarking? Backlinks? PBN? etc…