[Journey] College Student Niche Site

My Journey

I’m finally beginning my journey after a lot of research and many years of contemplating whether or not I should start Internet marketing. I have a full time job this summer and I’m finally making enough money to save and delve into this adventure. This thread is for me to stay motivated, disciplined and on track.

I’m planning to grow a money site from nothing to at least $500 a month. I plan to generate traffic through search, social media, social bookmarking,…​

[Journey] College Student Niche Site

Hey guys!

Hi! I

‘m here to hopefully learn something.

End goal is be a social influencer or at least try and learn enough to set up some alternate revenue streams.

Get clicks or die trying!

I have too much spare time

My current endeavours are going well, but are passive and I have too much spare time.

Any specific skills that I could learn in my free time that could be useful and profitable and any particular threads which you find interesting?

A weird request I …

Lying about age

Hey guys,

I’m starting to use services such as Admob and Adsense, and these accounts are all connected to my email account, which has a false age, as I am under 18. I was just wondering what the repercussions of lying about my age would be, and whether that would hinder me in any way. I have my own bank account, my own SSN and everything, but is there anything I should keep in mind? Thank you!

Reason to failure

I’m gonna get straight to the point.. one might not care because it’s obvious and one might see something because they realize.

What do you need to become successful? Discipline & appreciation.
I think a lot of people who earned a lot in the past(or did not) and don’t do it now and struggle to get back up is because they lacked discipline and appreciation, easily triggered to get distracted and do things they don’t need to do.. why do they do it? Because it’s more fun and much easier.

Reason to failure

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