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Hey all, I’ve been a fan for a while, but am just posting now. I’ve been doing internet marketing for. . . gosh, almost 15 years now. I’ve done everything from media to affiliate to SEO, black hat, white hat, gray hat, you name it. Video, mobile, social, paid search, etc. Hoping to continue to learn here from others and hopefully help others learn as well. Hit some snags in some recent projects so was hoping I could turn to some pros here for some answers, but glad to be here!


Ready to start a new chapter in my life…

What’s up BHW,

I’m DJM80, I’m blogger and podcaster (all for fun), I recently got a Master Degree in Digital Media and Design, and I just lost my day job of 4 years as a social media/ engagement manager for a non-profit. Being that I’m unemployed and I felt like my formal schooling only taught how to be an employee, I figured I’ll take a leap of faith and take my blogs and podcasts more seriously and try my damnest to make money through these and other IM mechanisms.

I here to learn how…

Ready to start a new chapter in my life…

anyone using nutri-bullet

picked up a nutri-bullet at tesco yesterday 55 quid.
anyone no any decent recipes for it.

so far made.

strawberries,lime,apricot,apple,peach, mint,
banana, apple, mango, peach, mint.

PayPal Dispute

A buyer has been purchasing many services through me and suddenly raised UNAUTHORIZED PAYMENT claim!! Is it possible to win this dispute?? My paypal is negative now

IG AUTO DM of a post to a group of people

I am looking for a service provider/panel with a service that do auto DM of a post to a group of people when posting a new post? it works as you are using the arrow to share the post with other IG users and is limited to upto 15 addressee per share, wh…

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Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey

The Pure Whey Protein Shake increases your energy boosting chances. The amazing 100% Whey content which finally has no damaging effect to your digestive tract, should be a sure shot on your cupboard shelf. Each serving of this shake of filtered Whey promotes 24 grams of all-whey protein in your body and 5.5 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids or the BCAAs. Protein and amino acids are the most essential requirement in…

Give me a feedback to one of my new writer content

Facebook Fan Page Fan Scraper

Hi everybody, I need to scrape people id from a facebook page: not posts likes or so but I need to scrape followers of pages…. Has anybody idea of how to do that? Can you suggest me some kind of software/online tool which allow me to do that?

BigOption Account

Hello i’m selling my BigOption Account of trading you can make around $1000 daily with it i give you budget for $365

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100K followers in 6months

Hello everybody :)

I have two instagram accounts. The one has 16K followers and the other has 6K followers.
I make manually 550 follows per day and I have 80-110 new followers per day.
So the best number of new followers that it is possible to have is 3000 per month. The year 36K . And all this if I don’t have any accident with my account.

Iam disappointed :( with this result. I see many accounts to have 300k and 500k followers or other accounts 6 years old to have 1-2-3M followers. All…

100K followers in 6months