Just Sold my First item on Ebay! (Question about shipping)

Hey everyone i just sold my first item on ebay, i was wondering how does shipping/tracking work?

I didn’t use any tracking just mailed it off, if the buyer says it wasn’t shipped i assume i am boned.

How much does it cost for tracking? What are some tips you can give a newbie seller?

[Guide] How to add WordPress to your restored PBN site for easy management – no brain required


Ok it isn’t really that big of a deal, but let’s just pretend like it’s totally fucking over Google because that will make it more fun

This guide is basically about how to add a little bit of WordPress to your restored PBN site so that it’s easier to manage/add content

Before we dive in, here is a list of what you will need to get started:

  1. html files of old site
  2. cpanel hosting
  3. a cold one

[Guide] How to add WordPress to your restored PBN site for easy management – no brain required

Web 2.0 links being ignored

I have read that Google does not give much weight to links found on new Web 2.0 sites. Some of mine are nearly 3 months old now.
When I go to G Webmaster Tools I don’t even see any of the links in the “links to your site” area.

Is this normal, or should they be there but not have much power?

Problem with my channel. What to do?

Hey guys,
I have channel which was made in 2012 and has 70k subs. I still can’t rank for keywords.
I buy 2-3k HR views with some likes (100-200) and some reshares everytime when I upload the video.
I got one community guidelines strike at the moment but also in past I got some which expired.. It is possible that youtube just ghosted my channel from searchs.. I mean when I type my keyword there is my video but on 3rd and 4th site.. and some shit channels are before me (channels with 10k subs…

Problem with my channel. What to do?

how can i grow a group?

i wish to get some tips to creat a group and grow it with bh tools, groups are very popular in my country and i bet i can make money but i would like to know some tips some method thanks

TPB Account creating – emails

Finally, I’ve started working with torrents and it’s working better than I though, however, I have been struggling to make new accounts.
It looks like you can only make 1 account per IP because when the system bans an account they blacklist the IP address which was used to make the account.

Anyway, which of the free e-mail providers do you use? I have been using hotmail, yahoo, mail, but it just takes a lot time when you have to make a bunch of them. Are there any e-mail services where…

TPB Account creating – emails