Just why SEO is dead

I agree, the title is a bit lame, but I stumbled across an interesting article naming the best channels to drive “massive” traffic.

why is it interesting? because I feel it pretty much sums up the current state of the SEO industry.
There’s a bunch of socially inept losers running their mailing list and baiting poor desperate people starting with IM into buying their useless webinars. And from there they draw conclusions how SEO and…

Just why SEO is dead

How to rank celebrity website

I am new on black hat world. I read many posts there they help me alot. Now i will buy premium domain on famous celebrity with almost no competition. How can i rank this website. Where i will guest posts and comment backlinks for this website.

AdSterra Review

hello everyone i just wanted to know if anyone has ever worked with AdSterra if yes can you please tell me some information about them are they legit or scam, do they pay well, do they pay in time etc.

50+ accounts banned in one night!

Last night my all accounts were working well and today in morning i noticed that more than 50 accounts are asking for PV and while verifying it, i don’t receive any code.
Am i the only one who got that much banned accounts? :(