[Giveaway] Expired Tumblrs PA+35

So more people will have a chance to grab some of this expired tumblrs, I made a screenshot.

All usernames bellow are available at this time.

PA+35. Some have TF as well.

If you want more, let me know by posting bellow. I might add more.

Instagram bot questions


So I’m trying to start out on instagram and instead of buying powerlikes or something mega expensive I would like to start with bots as they can grow multiple accounts for an affordable price.

Q1 I have seen that FollowLiker is a popular choice and Jarvee is taking off. I would like to start with FollowLiker as it is much cheaper and can do many of the same things and seems good for a beginner, however Jarvee is much more expensive (for my budget anyway) and has just a few…

Instagram bot questions

I don’t know why are you using Shopify people

Many threads about starting with Shopify, budgets, crying because no money to start, tips how to cheat Shopify trials, etc.

Why you guys not start with Wordpress+Woocommerce?
-free Woocommerce
-addons, you can find free alternative addons for every woocommerce paid addon
-a lot more templates, even here on BHW you have tons of WP themes
-huge SEO advantage
-full control
-millions of WP plugins
-plugins for dropshipping

Just… more work but everything you can get for free or small…

I don’t know why are you using Shopify people

I am looking for specific Facebook Bot, Is there any such?

Hello there,

Let me straight get to the point.

Let’s say I have 25-50 Facebook PVA and have a private proxy for each, each A/C have made some posts in some groups.

Is there any bot that would automatically login to each account through my specific proxy and bump the posts? I think you guys know where I am going with this. It is similar to post bumping post software just with multiple accounts on Facebook.

If you guys have others suggestions, please share with me, it would be a great…

I am looking for specific Facebook Bot, Is there any such?

can i start shopify store and fb ads with 300$

Hi guys

i want to start and launching my store on shopify with 300$ so i wonder if i could doing it

By the way i have lot of experience on fb ads and on ebay and i had been doing dropshipping since 1 year ago and also have experience with winning pr…