how do Fb live streamers get traffic?

how do Fb live streamers get traffic? please correct me if i am in the wrong section. but i have seen many facebook live videos get traffic even though their pages is new.. please help if someone knows this.. thank you.

Hi everyone


I’ve been lurking on this forum for quite a while with the intention of posting at some point in time. I think I do have one post to date.

So I thought I would make it official and say “hi” to all on here.

I’m looking to make money from IM, I’m a coder with a lot of experience (be it scraping / backend dev / website dev) however I’m on here to try and find out how I can monetize these skills and combine them with IM.

I’m still getting to grips with the multitude of terms out there be…

Hi everyone

Can’t use Instagram anymore from iOS

Hello guys,

I can’t login anymore with my account on Instagram App. I use iPhone.

New installation doesn’t help. I got a mail to login but it doesn’t work. I wrote an mail to the support but they don’t help me.

What can I do, via Safari it works well, but I want to use the app.

Drop Shipping Site for Aliexpress/Ebay & Free Hosting for 1 year

Hello BHW,

As you know Drop Shipping is VERY hot right now. We’ve been developing drop shipping web sites for our clients for the past 2 years and are now opening this up to provide it to BHW members! We have an AWESOME introductory rate. Our clients made over $70,000+ last month, why are you not jumping on the Drop Shipping Bandwagon!

Here’s what you get for only $179.99!…

Drop Shipping Site for Aliexpress/Ebay & Free Hosting for 1 year

Can a noob rank for a Keyword difficulty of 35/100?

I’m trying to find low comp keywords on KWFinder and I see that one of my main keywords (22k searches/mo, $1.4 CPC) has a difficulty of 35/100, which KWFinder describes as “still easy”.
– Is it conceivable that I could rank for this keyword?
– If it is possible for me to rank, is there a way I can estimate what it would take in terms of money / time / content creation?
– Do all the ranking service offers on the BHW marketplace use backlinks from PBNs? Could using harm a website?…

Can a noob rank for a Keyword difficulty of 35/100?

What Do You Guys Think About This Keyword?

There is literally no site reviewing it, only one site reviewing it on a sharing blogs domain called or something, as you can see rank 7-8 are youtube videos, also the monthly searches says about 9k on average, but as you can see on the char…